The 5-Second Trick For Writing

Verb phrases 18. create down, to set down in writing; file; note. to immediate just one's writing to some much less smart reader or viewers: He writes down to the general public.

to history in writing. She wrote down each and every phrase he mentioned. neerskryf يُدَوِّن، يُسَجِّل записвам anotar / tomar nota zapsat aufschreiben skrive ned γράφω, σημειώνωanotar, apuntar üles kirjutama نوشتن؛ یادداشت کردن kirjata ylös mettre par écrit לִכתוֹב, לִרשוֹם लिखना zapisati leír mencatat skrá, skrifa niður annotare 書き留める 기록하다, 적다 užrašyti pierakstīt menyalin; mencatat opschrijven skrive opp/ned zapisać یاد داشت کول assentar a scrie/a nota pe hârtie записывать zapísať zapisati zabeležiti skriva ner จด; บันทึก kaydetmek, yazmak 記下 записувати لکھنا ghi chép 记下

As being a baker bakes far more bread than brown; or to be a tumbler tumbles up and down; so does our creator, rummaging his brain, by different solutions try and entertain —Henry Fielding

epilog, epilogue - a brief passage additional at the conclusion of a literary perform; "the epilogue explained to what at some point took place to the most crucial figures"

one. (Letters on the Alphabet (International)) a group of letters or symbols created or marked on a area as a means of speaking Strategies by building Just about every symbol stand for an concept, concept, or detail, through the use of Every single image to depict a set of Seems grouped into syllables (syllabic writing), or by concerning each symbol as corresponding about or just to every on the Seems in the language (alphabetic writing). See also ideogram

Writing … it is very like developing a home, each individual separate term is yet another brick laid into place, cemented to its fellows, and progressively you begin to begin to see the wall beginning to increase, and also you understand that the rooms within will here just take their form as you intended —Vita Sackville-West

calligraphy Relevance Relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the most beneficial matches determined by how carefully a synonym’s sense matches the feeling you chose.

To inclose him (a fictional character) as irradiantly as amber does the fly and yet the though to maintain just about every element of click here his currently being has, of all tasks, ever been the dearest to me —Stefan Zweig In his foreword to a set of tales and novelettes, Zweig used this simile to clarify that he considers his short fiction as much an accomplishment as his a lot more “spacious” functions.

writing - the action of putting a little something in composed variety; "she did the pondering even though he did the writing"

No one informed him he was going to be fired, but he could begin to see the writing on the wall. [=he could see that he was gonna be fired shortly]

Shelby had been seated alongside one another within the dining place afore-named, in a desk covered with papers and writing utensils.

a form of divination involving the assessment of letters, potentially from the graphological standpoint. Also onomancy.

the transmission of writing or drawing such which the actions from the getting pen duplicate These of your transmitting pen or pencil, yielding a facsimile copy within the getting end. — telautograph, n. — telautographic, adj.

portion, subdivision - a self-contained portion of a larger composition (penned or musical); "he constantly turns very first to the business enterprise area"; "the history of the do the job is discussed in another portion"

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